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Please read this page before asking "How do I...

Please read this, as things have changed!
Tables have gone up to $50.00 each. This for a multitude of
reasons, but primarily because our costs have risen also!

Also, payment is by PayPal ONLY!  No checks or money orders!

Please Do Not email Dennis Smith for Table Reservations!
Follow the Directions on the Page!!

Also, if You're making a PayPal Payment under a name
That's Different From What the Table Reservation was Made in,
Please Note That in The PayPal Notes!

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for payment directions.

If anyone who has reserved a table doesn't pay, after being requested to do so twice, their tables will be offered to next person on the waiting list.

To confirm your table(s) reservation requires immediate payment through PayPal. This is the ONLY method of payment accepted! We no longer accept checks or money orders! The hosts will not hold table(s) pending a payment.  

Every Porky show has been a sellout for table requests. Because of this demand and the convenience of table holders being able to pick the exact tables they want when making their reservations, all table reservation payments are non-refundable. Once you reserve and pay for your table(s) there will be no refunds. If for any reason you are not able to attend the show, you may privately sell your table to another party, but the show hosts have no part in the private transfer of tables once we are in receipt of your payment. All the show hosts are non-paid volunteers, so we appreciate your understanding.


For Table Reservations, email

The Porky Show has moved table reservations into the 21st century!  To reserve a table, follow these simple steps:

1) Refer to the above layout of Taylor Hall.

2) Select the table(s) you want. If a table is available, no ones name will be listed under the table number.  If there's a name listed, that table is not available.

3) Send an email to Nick Cardaras, at  Provide your name, return email address and the table(s) desired. DO NOT PAY YET!

4) You'll receive a return email informing you if the table(s) are still available.  If it is, I'll put your name on the table(s) in RED.  Once payment is received, the lettering will be changed to BLACK.  This should make it simple for everyone to know when payment has been received.

5)  Pay for your table(s)  Checks are no longer accepted.  NO exceptions! Payment is ONLY accepted on-line by PayPal!  If you don't have a PayPal account, go to and set one up!

b) Pay using the provided link by PayPal. This option allows you to pay using PayPal or any major credit card. PayPal is safe and secure, and we do not receive any of your personal information.

When paying by PayPal, in the comments section put the name the table was reserved in and the table number(s) that you're paying for.  In other words, if you signed up as Billy Bob Jones, and you're PayPal account is under Sam's Taxidermy, it makes it pretty tough to figure out what's going on!

All proceeds from the show are used to benefit the Claremont Police Explorers.  The hosts volunteer their time and receive no payment to plan and organize the show.  As such, we want the Explorers to make as much as possible.

We ask that your tables be paid for within two weeks of making your reservation.  An email will be sent as a reminder, but, if payment is not received, it will go to whoever wants it! Please understand that this is very time consuming, and the sooner payment is received, the easier it is on everyone involved!



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